If your student organization is planning a trip, your first stop should be the Campus Life office.  Student organization trips using LUCC funds will need to complete a travel itinerary and have the trip approved during a meeting with the Campus Life office.  Waivers are often required for student organization travel. The Campus Life office will assist the trip coordinator in determining which waivers are required.

When making arrangements for a student organization trip, come to the Campus Life office to reserve vehicles (vans, busses, cars, etc.) and make any hotel or flight reservations. Vehicle reservations should be made as far in advance as possible. The Campus Life office can also assist with conference or tournament registrations, as these expenses often accompany student trips.

Student organization trip coordinators should plan as far in advance as possible to help ensure that vehicle, hotel, or flight reservations can be made.  All trip related documents (travel itinerary, waivers, etc.) and the trip approval meeting should be completed at least three working days before the student organization leaves campus.

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