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Student Organization Event Planning Checklist 

(Get the student org event planning checklist printable version)

Please use the checklist to plan your next student org event.


  1. Treasurer of club or organization consulted to confirm that funds are available for your event to occur – this might mean getting written confirmation from multiple groups/offices/etc.
  2. Check-out student org purchasing card from Office of SEAL.
  3. Funding request form can be submitted to LUCC if club or organization lacks funding. More details on LUCC page.

Room Reservation & Catering:

*Bon app contract does not allow student orgs to bring outside catering into Warch Campus Center*

  1. Date chosen for event and university calendar double checked to ensure there are no conflicts.
  2. Anticipated number of people in attendance determined.
  3. Appropriate space found that fits your event needs. Check the calendar for conflicts in that space and fill out a room reservation request.  (Lawrence homepage > event calendar > “room reservation application”)
  4. In order to get your event on the LU events calendar, check the “Add to LU calendar” box. In the Sponsor line, you must put “SEAL – (Org name)”
  5. Catering contacted at least 2 weeks in advance for food and/or beverages.


*A contract is required for any paid performer, speaker, or act. Designated university staff may enter into contracts: no deposits or verbal agreements should be made by a student.*

  1. Pre-contract form completed no later than 30 days prior to event. Form found on seal webpage. (student life > student engagement, activities, and leadership (seal) > forms > pre-contract form)
  2. Treasurer of club or organization should review fund transactions on voyager to see remaining balance.
  3. Arrangements are made with seal office to pick up check no later than the day of the event. (or the Friday prior if it is on the weekend)
  4. Members of the club or organization have made arrangements to host performer or person visiting campus which includes meeting any needs described in their contract – for more details or questions, contact seal office.

Facilities (Outdoor event set-up):

*Students are not allowed to submit a work order for a set up. It must come from someone in student activities office.*

  1. 10 day minimum notice for: tableschairs, trash cans, recycling containers
  2. 2 week minimum notice for: electrical needs, contacting private lines (if renting tents that need to be staked down), water hook-ups (car washes/dunk tanks/etc.), permits (whenever you put up tents).


  1. Details are filled out in the room reservation request form online. Does your event need tables, chairs, a/v equipment etc.?
  2. If your event is in the WCC, follow up with events staff at // (920) 832-6839 with set-up requirements.
  3. If your event is in a different building, contact that building’s director and facility services with set-up needs for tables/chairs/etc.
  4. Complete equipment rental agreement form to use sound equipment from the campus center 5 business days in advance. (Equipment use is free for all student organizations across campus)
  5. If your event is a large outdoor event, you will need to get a noise variance through the city of Appleton. This needs to be completed at least 1 month in advance. Please contact Megan DuFrane-Groose ( in the Office of SEAL.

  Event/Party Registration:

  1. Fill out the event/party registration form 5 business days in advance.
  2. When registration form is completed, the Office of SEAL will be in contact to set up an approval meeting.
  3. If alcohol is involved, work with Office of SEAL to ensure safety and responsibility of those in charge and in attendance.
  4. Bystander intervention training must be completed for all large events and parties in houses. Contact Residence Life with questions about trainings.


*This should start at least a week prior to event, if not sooner if possible*

  1. Paper advertisements approved by seal office.
  2. Digital displays request form: WCC, library, wellness center, chapman hall, residence halls - contact it for support.
  3. Paper advertisements in WCC approved by information desk.
  4. Paper advertisements approved by appropriate people/owners of buildings if advertising elsewhere around campus.
  5. Outdoor advertising: clean up outside posters/chalking’s once the event has taken place. Want to paint one of the walls on drew or Lawe street? Fill out reserve a wall form.

Any event that uses LUCC funds has an obligation to advertise and open the event to the larger community. More communication resources.