Student Leader Orientations

Campus Life wants to ensure all student organizations and clubs are set up for success - this includes leaders having the skills and understanding of how to improve and run their organization as well as knowing the processes and procedures that exist to get done what you want to accomplish with your group. 

We offer a set of Student Leader Orientation workshops - one workshop is geared towards the LEADER/PRESIDENT/CHAIR of an organization, and the other is geared towards the EVENT/PROGRAM/TRIP ORGANIZER within your group or club. This helps to ensure the right student leaders are getting the right information for your group to be accomplishing its goals.

There will also be information going specifically to Treasurers about training on all things finance-related to student organizations.

Please ensure that your group signs up for both orientations - it does not have to be the same person, but each group needs to attend both sessions so we can ensure the appropriate information has been gone over.

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