Welcome, parents!

We recognize that parents, guardians and families support their Lawrentians in so many ways. We also understand that it can sometimes be difficult for parents—whether they are several miles away or several time zones away—to find the best ways to support their students from afar as they continue to develop into adulthood.

One of the best ways families can support their Lawrentians is to encourage and empower their students to:

  • make good decisions
  • care for themselves
  • connect with other Lawrentians
  • stay on top of their coursework
  • seek help when they need it—and to know where to find it

We also want you to be familiar with university resources on this page, so you, too, can direct your student to the right place when needed.

We are delighted that your family is part of the Lawrence family. You are an important partner in your student’s success, and we are happy to work with you.

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