Settle in but never settle!  

The Summer Institute (SI), is a three-week program in which new Lawrentians experience life at Lawrence. During SI, students will: 

  • Enroll in two courses that will help further develop critical thinking and writing skills; 
  • Connect with other first-year students through shared insights, experiences and challenges; 

  • Engage with faculty and staff while getting to know LU's campus 

SI helps students develop a community of friends and supporters, confidence to thrive at Lawrence, and experience the Lawrence college classroom before you start the Fall term. 

  • Community
    • SI students form close bonds with their peers over the three-week program that last throughout their time at Lawrence.
    • SI students not only get to know their fellow first year students, but get to know and work with upper-year student leaders called Program Assistants (PAs)The PAs each have a group of students for whom they serve as a student mentor/leader.  The PAs work with their groups over the three weeks to develop a sense of community within their group, share knowledge based on their experiences, and plan social events to bring the entire SI class together.
    • SI culminates with a trip to Lawrence's beautiful Björklunden campus located in Door County, Wisconsin, where students enjoy the outdoors, relax, and refocus before Welcome Week begins.
  • Confidence
    • SI instills a sense of confidence in students that is easily identifiable during Welcome WeekAfter completing SI, students have a greater sense that they belong at Lawrence both academically and socially.   
    • When the fall term starts, SI students hit the ground running as they have already made Lawrence their home, successfully completed classes, made friends, know their way around campus, and are familiar with resources to address questions or concerns that may arise
    • SI is a great opportunity to gain a level of comfort before starting the first term at Lawrence.  
  • Classes
    • SI allows students the opportunity to ease into studies at the college level by taking two courses with small class sizes taught by Lawrence instructors.
    • SI courses are designed to provide students early exposure to the academic expectations that their college professors will have and to provide support so that students are in a better position to feel comfortable and confident in their classes during their time at Lawrence. 
    • During SI, students will take two courses that will introduce them to common class settings at Lawrence such as a discussion-based seminar (with 15 students or fewer) and electives based on their interests. Students can choose an elective from a few options. The previous years’ electives included Starting STEM Savvy and Collaborative Practice: Dance + Place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The curriculum is designed to help you experience academic life at Lawrence.

The schedule provides a balance of programming, recreation and downtime.

The staff has the knowledge and expertise to make your experience exceptional.

Summer Institute is Transformational—Read past attendee feedback

If you've read enough and want to enroll in Summer Institute follow the link above. If you still have questions, check out our FAQ page.