Jump Start Academic Success: Students who successfully complete SI will get six units that can be applied towards graduation

                                          2 Courses  3 Weeks  6 Units 

SI allows you the opportunity to experience academics at Lawrence without managing a full courseload. During SI, you will take two courses that will prepare you for common class settings at Lawrence such as a discussion-based seminar (with 15 students or fewer) and an elective course based on your interests. Students who successfully complete SI courses will earn six units that can be applied towards graduation. 

Plese see below for additional information on the courses offered during SI. 


Summer Institute Participants sitting together at a round table, discussing and taking notes during class.

Summer Institute Seminar (required)

The SI Seminar is modeled after Lawrence's distinctive First Year Studies Program, a multidisciplinary course in liberal learning taken by all Lawrence first-year students in the fall term. An important goal of the seminar course is for students to practice observation, analysis and communication skills in classroom discussion and in written assignments.  

 As a result of this course, SI students will acquire confidence to serve as leaders in the Lawrence classroom, enhancing the learning experience of all Lawrence students.  

2024 SI Electives will be announced soon(Students are required to take one elective course) Past SI elective offerings below:

Topics in Psychology (3 units)

Topics in Psychology is an exploration of the multifaceted world of the psychological sciences.  Together, students and faculty examine the interconnections between these various aspects of psychology in order to become familiar with the science of behavioral and mental processes. Topics in Psychology emphasizes the close reading, critical thinking, note-taking, and examination skills necessary for success in larger lecture courses offered at Lawrence.

Starting STEM Savvy (3 units)

STEM career paths require quantitative reasoning, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills. This topics course is an introduction to being a STEM major that introduces students to methods of thinking and problem-solving while exposing students to broad STEM topics. Starting STEM Savvy emphasizes practicing foundational math skills required for success in STEM majors, individual and group problem solving and professional development in STEM or career exploration in STEM.

Dance + Place (3 units)

Dance + Place is about making connection through movement. This studio course introduces students to dance as an embodied practice, academic study and a process of investigating and making.There’s no experience with dance or movement needed for this class!