Lawrence-owned vehicles (the Fleet) is available for faculty, staff, students, and volunteers to use for University related business.

LU Vehicle Use Policy

The Lawrence University Vehicle Use Policy applies to all persons (faculty, staff, students and volunteers) who drive Lawrence-owned vehicles (the Fleet), rented vehicles or their personal vehicles for the benefit of Lawrence University which may or may not involve travel with Lawrence University students. Policies apply when using your personal vehicle whether or not reimbursement for mileage is sought.

The LU Vehicle Use Policy includes details on the following:

  • Becoming an authorized driver
  • Driver age allowance
  • Motor vehicle record checks
  • Driver responsibilities
  • Guidelines for Fleet or rental vehicles
  • Fleet or rental vehicle reservation procedure
  • Using personal vehicles for university business
  • Rental and personal vehicle insurance 
  • Expenses
  • Accidents and reporting
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Liability waivers

Read the current LU Vehicle Use Policy and Procedure (PDF).