Cuisines tell the story of the rich cultural mosaic that comprises the Lawrence University community. Much like with music, food traditions celebrate our global village through our senses, heritage, and fellowship.


Join us for the Pilot Webisode of Cooking with Carter

The show where Lawrence students take the lead as executive chef and President Carter serves as sous chef!

You Be the Star!

Do you have a story to share about a particular meal or dish that is meaningful to you? Cooking with Carter is a new series of webisodes that welcomes you to lead the creation of a meal and share its story with the Lawrence community.  

You will serve as the executive chef, with President Carter serving as your dedicated sous-chef. The meal will come to life as you share stories about the ingredients and customs that make this meal special for you.  

Each meal will consist of a main dish with a side and dessert. You will design the menu and prepare two of the items (one of them on camera!). You may even have the chance to connect with a chef from an Appleton restaurant to help pair a menu item with your creation as part of the experience. 

While the pots and pans cool, the conversations can really heat up as you and a select group of friends enjoy a special meal together with President Carter, savoring the moment, and the fruits of your labor.

If you have a compelling story that goes with a recipe from your culture or family, we invite you to share it with us and you may be the next executive chef on Cooking with Carter!