• Steitz 102
    Conveniently located just off of the Thomas A. Steitz Hall of Science Atrium, Room 102 is an excellent choice for an event preceded or followed by a reception being held in the Atrium.  It holds 75 people and is fully equipped with a ceiling computer projector, DVD player, slide projector and document camera.
  • Steitz 202
    Room 202 on the second floor has all of the benefits of 102, but is a smaller version with a capacity of 50 people and likewise is similarly equipped with a ceiling computer projector and document camera.
  • Youngchild 121
    Youngchild Hall houses our biggest lecture hall.  Room 121 has a capacity of 196 in addition to a large floor area.  It is fully equipped with a ceiling computer projector, TV/VCR, slide projector and document camera.
  • Main Hall 201
    Main Hall, the original academic building, is the most centrally located on campus.  The room has seating for 48 people.  Completely updated, room 201 contains a ceiling computer projector, raked floor and lecture seating.
  • Worcester Auditorium in the Wriston Art Center
    The Worcester Auditorium of the Wriston Art Center is ideal for visual presentations and lectures.  The auditorium has seating for 150 arranged in lecture style seating, and is equipped with a projection/sound booth, lecturn and white board.

Rates for Lecture Halls– Prices listed as Full Day Price/Half Day Price

Type of Room


Steitz 102, 202

75, 50


Youngchild 121



Main Hall 201



Wriston Auditorium

*Nonprofit 501c(3) organizations receive a 25% discount