Lawrence Memorial Chapel

Memorial Chapel

Built in 1919, the 1,184-seat Lawrence Memorial Chapel is used for public events such as the Lawrence Artist and Jazz series, ensemble concerts, public meetings and the university convocation series. The chapel features a magnificent 41-stop mechanical-action organ built by John Brombaugh of Eugene, Oregon.

Memorial Chapel is located at 510 East College Avenue.

See the seating chart for The Chapel

Harper Hall

Seating 249 people, Harper Hall is the site for most student and faculty recitals, as well as pre-concert talks and lectures. Reception space is located just outside in the Harper Hall Lobby. 

Harper Hall is located inside the Music-Drama Center, 420 E. College Avenue.

See a seating chart of Harper Hall

Stansbury Theater

Stansbury Theater, seating 445, is the largest theater space on campus excluding Memorial Chapel.  It is typically used for the operas and term musicals, but is also a great space for large group lectures.

Stansbury Theater is located inside the Music-Drama Center, 420 East College Avenue.

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Cloak Theater

Cloak Theater is primarily a back box experimental theater, but because of that, the possible applications are endless. During the academic year Cloak Theater is the site of improvisational comedy, student-directed projects and musicals.

Cloak Theater is located inside the Music-Drama Center, 420 East College Avenue.

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Rates for Performance Facilities – Prices listed as full day prices/half day* prices where indicated

Type of Room




Cloak Theater



Stansbury Theater



Harper Hall






Harper Hall Lobby



Shattuck 163

230 (150-170 seated)


Shattuck 156

125 seated



*Half day rates apply only to events four hours or less
*Prices are subject to change due to availability and scope of event.  Additional charges may apply for events requiring extraordinary staff time for security, logistics, or planning.
**Nonprofit 501c(3) organizations receive a 25% discount