There are five residence halls on campus available to summer guests.  They range greatly in age, style and capacity.

• Colman Hall
Colman Hall is named for the first woman graduate of Lawrence, Lucinda Darling Colman, Class of 1857. Overlooking the university tennis courts and the Fox River, Colman has the capacity for 120 people.

• Kohler Hall
The seven-story Kohler Hall (1967) houses 126 people.  Kohler is conveniently close to the library.

• Ormsby Hall
Ormsby Hall is the university’s oldest residence hall and maintains it early 20th century character.  It was fully renovated in 1972 and houses 124 people.  Ormsby is centrally located near the principal academic buildings of the college.

• Hiett Hall
Hiett Hall (2003) is the newest residence hall on campus. Located on the hillside behind Ormsby Hall and extending outward and down toward the Fox River, the 79,500-square-foot building houses 183 people in suite-style accommodations.  This building is air conditioned and has elevators.

• Sage Hall
Sage Hall, completed in 1917 and renovated in 1972, houses 147 people and is located across the footbridge from Memorial Hall.

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