Rental of Lawrence University Facilities

Lawrence University facilities may be rented by community organizations for appropriate public and private functions, meetings, conferences, concerts and performances, summer camps, and other events. During the academic year, rental of facilities and contracting of campus services such as catering or audio-visual technical support are subject to availability, as determined by the university calendar of events and ongoing campus activities. Most Lawrence facilities, with the exception of the Warch Campus Center, are not available during the regular academic day and use may be restricted to evenings and weekends. During the summer, facility requests may be accommodated at any time within the calendar week.

Facility Rental During the Academic Year

During the academic year, Lawrence University facilities are reserved first and foremost for instruction-related activities, and campus facilities and grounds are for the primary use and enjoyment of students, faculty and staff. University facilities are made available to community organizations after on-campus organizations have been given sufficient time to plan events and secure facilities for their needs.

Facility Rental During the Summer

The summer facility rental period runs from the third week of June through the first week of August. During that period, lodging, meeting room, and other facility usage is available through the Conference and Event Services Office.

Pricing for Lawrence University Facilities

Rates for Lawrence University Facilities are set according to the group’s status in relation to the university. The divisions are On Campus Groups and Off Campus Groups. On Campus Groups are any Lawrence University instruction related activity or any event that incorporates the Lawrence Community. Within Off Campus Groups there are divisions for Educational Partners, Not-for-Profit Organizations, and Commercial Organizations. Full day and half day rates are available on the majority of facilities. A half day is typically four hours or less, depending on the space and type of use.

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