Winter Awareness

Preparing for Winter Weather
We’ve all witnessed the effects Mother Nature can have every season of the year. As we look ahead to the winter, now is the time to prepare your for the threats posed by colder temperatures and frozen precipitation. Slips, trips and falls are extremely prevalent when winter weather takes hold, and we want to help avoid these injuries through information and preparation.

Why are slip, trip, and fall injuries more difficult to control?
Slips, trips and falls are different than other types of workers’ compensation injuries. Unlike strains, sprains and cuts that take place within specific work areas, slips, trips and falls may have a much greater area of exposure. There may also be several underlying causes of STF injuries, which require a broader spectrum of preventive safety measures to control.

Why is this important?
In evaluating United Heartland losses from 2004 to 2011, STF claims represented the most frequently reported loss source at 29.8%. It was the third-most costly loss source during that time period at 20.1% of total loss dollars. The average STF claim cost during this time period was $9,367. It was also the top incurred loss driver for education, health care, schools, social services and transportation segments. 

We want to ensure that our students, faculty, and staff have a safe winter season.  Please allow yourself time when conditions are less than ideal.  Please visit the United Heartland “WalkSafe” video library here to learn more.