Campus Safety

The personal safety and security of each student, faculty, and staff member is both an individual and community concern. While the university strives to provide a campus environment free of undue risks to persons and property, it is each person's responsibility to pay attention to his or her surroundings, to avoid hazardous situations, and to exercise his or her own best judgment to maintain personal safety and well-being. In addition, each member of the community must call attention to conditions or situations that threaten the safety and security of others by contacting the Lawrence safety department, 920-832-6999.

Campus safety officers carry cell phones and pagers. They patrol the campus 24 hours a day and will respond to requests placed by dialing 920-832-6999. Although their chief functions are to assist members of the community on campus and to maintain the security of university facilities, they also act as the "eyes of the campus," noting safety concerns and unusual situations in daily reports for follow-up by university personnel. They can also contact the Appleton police department and will work cooperatively with local authorities should the need arise.

Transportation Options

A number of transportation options are available to Lawrence students to assist you in getting off-campus. Beginning Thursday October 3, Campus Safety will provide transportation for urgent needs and at times listed at the end of these resources:

  • Shopping shuttle: the LUCC Student Welfare Committee shopping shuttle runs four days a week. For a schedule, click here.
  •  Service Shuttle: this shuttle is sponsored by the Committee on Community Service and Engagement or CCSE and is supported by the Center for Community Engagement and Social Change. It runs on Saturday and Sunday from 9am-5pm, and to find the schedule click here
  •  Alexander Gym shuttle: the athletics shuttle runs Monday through Friday continuously from 2:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. The shuttle travels from the Wriston Art Center turnaround to Alexander Gymnasium and the Banta Bowl on a continuous cycle during these hours. Weekend hours depends on team schedules
  •  Enterprise CarShare program gives students access to a rental vehicle for an hour, a day, overnight, or even on weekends. The vehicle will be parked on Boldt Plaza for easy access. More information can be located at the Enterprise CarShare site.
  •  Valley Transit Authority: Appleton is serviced by the Valley Transit Authority. Bus fares are $2 per ride or $4 for unlimited rides for one day. Learn more or find bus routes here.
  •  UBER and LYFT: both ride services operate in the Fox Valley area. More information is located within their apps.
  •  Prescription delivery: Wellness Services works with an off-campus pharmacy, Hometown Pharmacy 1350 W. College Avenue. Hometown delivers, free of charge, to Wellness Services M-F. Student can have their prescriptions sent directly to Hometown or can drop them off in Wellness Services to be forwarded to the pharmacy. Students can also have their prescriptions transferred to Hometown from another pharmacy. The Health Center’s website has directions for how to do this. Some prescriptions may be fillable directly through the Health Center as well.
  •  Campus Safety (920-832-6999) can assist you with the following:
  1.  Safety walks/rides for students who are sick, injured, or feeling unsafe
  2.  Rides to Walgreens for urgent prescription pickup
  3. Rides to medical providers done at the request of Lawrence Health Center staff
  4. Downtown shuttle 10pm-3am Thursday-Saturday evenings every half hour from the PAC to Brokaw, Wriston and Trever
  5.  Rides to Alexander Gymnasium and the Banta Bowl outside athletic shuttle hours


Making Lawrence a Safer Place

Lawrence welcomes everyone who shares our mission of liberal learning and our value of respect for one another.  Students, faculty, staff and visitors have the right to participate in our community without discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity, and to live and learn in an environment free from sexual violence.

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