Students who need further financing beyond federal student loan eligibility should borrow only what they need and should select the loan that best meets their funding needs.

Lawrence University adheres to a Student Loan Code of Conduct (PDF) as required by the Higher Educational Opportunity Act. Lawrence does not endorse or promote any specific private student loan lender or lending program. Borrowers may choose any eligible, participating lender.

As a guide for comparing loans, we have provided a list on FASTChoice, a loan comparison tool that assists borrowers in selecting a loan that is best suited to meet their needs. You can also find a list of private student loans online at

FASTChoice Private Loan Comparison List

Lawrence University selected these lenders to be on the FASTChoice Lender List for the following reasons:

  • Competitive borrower rates, terms, and incentives
  • History of exceptional customer service for borrowers and staff of the university
  • Timely processing of loans
  • Funds are sent electronically (EFT) when possible

Remember: the Financial Aid Office will process a private student loan from any lender you choose. There may be lenders not on our list who offer different benefits that are better suited to your particular circumstances.