President Warch inspired me from his Matriculation Convocation guidance to my class ('86) that we "join a college," to his personal interest in each of us that for me included learning my younger brother's name and greeting him by name when he was with me on campus, to his role as a mentor when I pursued a PhD and academe as a second career.  My sense of what is possible with and through education strongly bears Rik's influence.  Someone once told me that the best teachers speak to their students long after the course has ended.  Rik's words echo within me yet...

- Victoria Moerchen

Rik was a college classmate and treasured friend. Having watched the Lawrence University tribute video, I am breathless with the awareness of what he accomplished there and what he meant to the entire Lawrence community. My admiration for his achievements has been augmented anew in the sadness of this moment; my love for him and for Margot has been steadfast and unabated for over 50 years.

- Marty Linsky

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