Faculty applying for a fellowship or other grant that will be paid directly to themselves may apply on their own—though our office is more than happy to provide assistance. Faculty should still complete and submit the Intent to Seek External Grants form, which is especially important, for example, if you are planning a leave of absence or will require any institutional resources (e.g. facilities, staffing or technology).

Faculty applying for fellowships or grants that will be paid to Lawrence, on the other hand, must submit the Intent to Seek External Grants form and work through the CFSR office. This requirement ensures that: 1) the budget reflects all Lawrence standard policies; 2) all institutional information is up to date; and 3) your proposal is appropriately coordinated with others that might be going to the same funder.

Finding a Funder

Your next step is to identify the perfect grant opportunity. First, clearly articulate your idea.  We recommend writing a summary of 75 words or less or less that succinctly answers the classic “who, what, where, when, why and how” questions.  But pay particular attention to why: Why is the project important to you? Why is important to your students, to Lawrence and to your scholarly field?

Next, we can match your project idea with funders that have similar interests. Our office has access to a number and variety of search tools to ferret out potential funders. When you visit us, please bring your 75-word summary, because this will provide us useful information to narrow our search effectively.

After finding one or more funders that seem a good match for your project, CFSR will then guide you through the application process and begin helping you craft a competitive proposal. Please consult our proposal development section for tips on developing a strong proposal.

Intent to Seek External Funding Form

Please submit this form at least 30 days before the application deadline. This form is required of all faculty and staff intending to seek external funding for their projects and programs. It allows the Provost to track external grant applications from Lawrence, coordinate efforts to make the application successful, and ensure good management of multiple planned submissions.

Submitting this form identifies your interest in seeking external funding, but it does not obligate you to submit a grant application and does not guarantee cost share from the Provost’s office. Please fill out each section with your best guess.

Contact Information
Project Information
Funder Requirements
Lawrence Obligations
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