Current Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble repertoire

Lawrence University
Symphonic Band (Matthew Arau, conductor)
Wind Ensemble (Andy Mast, conductor)
2016-2017 season repertoire


Saturday, October 15 SB/WE 8:00 PM  "Foundation"
Dress rehearsal 9AM-1PM
Symphonic Band
    Mennin- Canzona
    Ticheli – American Elegy
    Bennett – Suite of Old American Dances
Wind Enaemble
    Rorem- Traffic 
    Srinivasan - Shadja Maalika
    Bach/Hunsberger - Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor, BWV 582
(15 rehearsals)

Saturday, November 12 SB/WE 8:00 PM. Water Dreams
Dress rehearsal 9AM-1PM
Symphonic Band
    Dello Joio – Variants on a Medieval Tune
    Chance – Elegy
    Daugherty – Niagra Falls
Wind Ensemble
     Makris - Aegean Festival Overture
     Werfelmann – On the Shoulders of Giants (World Premiere) 
     Holst - Hammersmith
       Prof. Matthew Arau, guest conductor
(11 rehearsals)

Sunday, January 29 1-4 PM
Wind Ensemble Concerto Competition

Sunday, February 26 WE 3:00  Contemplations
Dress rehearsal Saturday, February 25 9AM- 1 PM
    Williams - Dodekatheon Sketches (Premiere)
    Ticheli - Rest
    Navarro- Clarinet Concerto No. 1
       David Bell, clarinet
    Maslanka - Child's Garden of Dreams
(23 rehearsals)

Saturday, March 4 SB 8:00
Dress rehearsal 9AM-1PM
   Arnold/Paynter – Prelude, Siciliano and Rondo
   Bach/Reed – Come Sweet Death
   Ticheli – San Antonio Dances
   Mackey- Aurora Awakes
  Gould - Symphony for Band (West Point)

Saturday, April 22 SB/WE 8:00
Dress rehearsal 9AM-1PM
Symphonic Band
   Saint Saens – Orient et Occident
   Maslanka – Liberation
   Jacob – Original Suite
Wind Ensemble
    Maysaud - On the Mountains of Orphalese... (World Premiere)
    Schoenberg - Theme and Variations, Op. 43a
    Chance - Variations on a Korean Folksong (Side by Side Concert)
    Dooley - Masks and Machines
(12 rehearsals)

Saturday, May 20 WE 8:00
Dress rehearsal 9AM-1PM
     Smith - Expansions
     Benson - Passing Bell
        Prof. Matthew Arau, guest conductor
     LUWE Concerto Competition Winner
     Boysen - Symphony No. 6
(11 rehearsals)
Saturday, May 27 SB 8:00
Dress rehearsal 9AM-1PM
   Holst – Second Suite in F
   Tanouye – Kokopelli’s Dance
   Ellerby – Paris Sketches
   Galbraith – Danza de los Duendes

Commencement weekend (Grad Band - volunteers from both bands)
Main Hall Green
Saturday, June 10 Noon (President’s Park Concert)
Sunday, June 11 9:00 AM-1:00 PM (Commencement)

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