Choir Auditions for Fall 2020

Welcome back!  Whether you are joining us remotely or in-person, we are excited to make music together. Here is the information you need for planning your fall choral experience.

What are the choral options for Fall term 2020?

Please click HERE for our current plans. 

Returning Student Audition Information

You will not need to audition this fall.  Given the turmoil of our spring 2020 term, it was important to reduce your workload wherever possible.  We have a good sense from past experience of where you might best fit. 
Please take a minute to complete this form to let us know your plans for choir this fall. 

New Student Audition Information

  • Please sign up for a live synchronous audition HERE.
  • We will meet with you live on Zoom
  • HERE is a guide to maximizing the audio quality for your audition on Zoom 
  • If you have a microphone you can connect to your device that will help us hear your voice better. Please use headphones if possible. Please be sure to turn on "original sound"
  • If you are auditioning for an advanced choir (Cantala, Concert Choir, Viking Bass Clef Ensemble) or if you're pursuing a voice-primary major (such as choral music education or vocal performance), we'll send you a file with a list of exercises right before your audition. If you are interested in Viking Chorale, you won't need those exercises. For the advanced choir auditions, we'll be sigh-reading some rhythms and melodies during your audition. Be sure to have them ready to access, and, of course, don't play or sing through them in advance (that wouldn't be sight reading!) 

Here’s what the audition will look like:

1. We’ll let you into the meeting when we’re ready.  It’s best to log into the meeting a few minutes early and take a few deep breaths.  You’re going to do great!
2. We’ll start with conversation.  We’re excited to speak with you and get to know you. 
3. We’ll move to vocalizing you throughout your range.  You’ll click on the “Vocalizations” sound-files below and sing through each until it is too low or high for you. 
4. We’ll then try to find your voice’s healthiest tessitura (where it likes to hang out, so to speak).  You’ll click on “My Country Tis of Thee” in the keys that we suggest to you.  If you’re not familiar with that song, please click HERE to get a copy of the song. 
5. We’ll move next to some ear-training games.  We’ll play some intervals on the piano and ask you to sing them back.  We’ll play a chord on the piano and ask you to sing the lowest, highest, or middle notes. 
6. Finally, we’ll move to some sight-reading exercises.  We’ll suggest a line from the document you’ll have just received, and ask you to clap through the rhythms.  We’ll suggest a line from the document and ask you to sight-sing the melody (we’ll give you the starting pitch and ask you to sing it unaccompanied). 

And that's it! This isn't The Voice - we're not here to ascertain if you have "it". We're here to celebrate what you know, figure out what you don't yet know so we know what to teach, and help you find the right choir for this year. Enjoy the process, sing with pride, and help us get to know you!

Required Concert Attire

WOMEN (Cantala)

  • black, Aspen dress (see info below)
  • black nylons
  • appropriate black undergarments for formal wear
  • black, close-toed dress shoes (comfortable, heel not too high, and no sandals or casual shoes)

Women participating in Cantala will need to purchase the “Aspen” dress from Stage Accents.

Just in case you have any difficulty with the above link, their web address is: Click on “Women’s Formal.” Part way down the page is the picture of the Aspen dress. Click on the dress/description to go to the page with the dress description. Their direct telephone number is 1-800-631-1611.
Following is the information you will need:

Dress: Black Aspen Dress, order #8605B
Lawrence University Customer Number: S54901
Stage Accents will accept check or money order but credit card is preferred. Please be very careful when determining the size to order since there will be a restocking fee for returns.

PLEASE NOTE: Hem length is 1/2" off the floor with your dress shoes on. The hem must to be completely finished (with all extra fabric cut off, etc). The bottom of the dress should look exactly the same as it did before the alterations, except shorter, and the top shouldn't look any different at all!

All Singers in Viking Chorale

Please wear tasteful, modest clothes that are black. Some examples: a dress with shoulders, a hemline well below the knees, and a relatively high neckline; black pants, white button-down shirt, black suit coat; black tuxedo with white tux shirt, black cummerbund, and bow-tie; black slacks, black blouse/sweater.

All students should be wearing closed-toed black dress shoes, not flip flops. Black socks or nylons go with black shoes.