Remember what it was like to live on campus? Make the most of your weekend by staying in one of our residence halls.

Residence Halls and Social Headquarters

$75 = Pricing is based per person/weekend. First come, first served basis.

All rooms are furnished with towels, sheets, pillow, and blankets—one per bed. All beds are single/twin XL size. Limited hangers are available. Please bring your own toiletries. Hiett Hall is the only residence hall with air conditioning.  If you are assigned to a hall without air conditioning, you are also encouraged to bring a fan in the event of hot weather.  Free Wi-Fi is available in all residence halls.

  • 5th Reunion/Classes of 2017, 2018, 2019: Residence Hall – Trever Hall, Third & Fourth Floors; Social Headquarters – Trever Hall Basement Lounge
  • 10th Reunion/Class of 2013: Residence Hall–Trever Hall, Second & Third Floors; Social Headquarters – Trever Hall First Floor Lounge
  • 25th Reunion/Class of 1998: Residence Hall–Trever Hall, First Floor; Social Headquarters – International House
  • 30th Reunion/Classes of 1992, 1993, 1994: Residence Hall - Ormsby Hall, Third Floor; Social Headquarters – Ormsby Hall Basement Lounge
  • 40th Reunion/Class of 1983: Residence Hall – Ormsby Hall, First & Second Floors; Social Headquarters – Ormsby Hall First Floor Lounge
  • 50th Reunion/Class of 1973: Residence Hall – Hiett Hall, First Floor; Social Headquarters – Hiett Hall First Floor Lounge & Patio
  • 55th Reunion/Classes of 1967, 1968, 1969: Residence Hall – Hiett Hall, Second Floor; Social Headquarters – Hiett Hall Second Floor Lounge