You're going to crush your audition!

Check out these tips and answers to common questions to help make your audition a success.

Preparing for Your Audition

  • Does Lawrence have a pre-screening process?
    • No, Lawrence does not require pre-screening.
  • Do I need to provide my own accompanist?
  • How do I schedule my audition?
  • How do I cancel or reschedule my audition?
  • What is Lawrence’s scale requirement?
    • Each studio has different requirements for the number and types of scales. Please refer to the audition requirements.

Audition Days

  • What can I expect during my audition?
    • Auditions are approximately 20 minutes in length (but may vary depending on instrument/studio). Auditions are often interactive, with faculty asking questions and/or providing a mini lesson. For on-campus piano, strings, and voice auditions, several faculty members may be present.
  • Will my audition be recorded?
    • Your audition may be recorded for future review by faculty.
  • Where can I warm up before my audition?
    • Practice rooms will be unlocked and available for students to warm up.
  • What should I wear to my audition?
    • No need to wear a tux or gown, but please dress as you would for a concert or recital performance
  • What if I am auditioning on more than one instrument?
    • We will schedule your auditions so that you have plenty of warm-up time for both instruments/studios.
  • How do jazz auditions work?
    • On-campus jazz auditions are heard in a group setting with Lawrence jazz students providing accompaniment (Jazz Jam).
  • Will I receive feedback on my audition?
    • Lawrence University does not provide verbal or written critiques of audition performances.
  • What time do audition days end?
    • The audition portion of the day typically wraps up around lunch time. We invite you to stay for the afternoon to participate in panel discussions for students and parents, and to take part in music-related workshops. Our audition days are set up for you to audition, meet current students, attend informational sessions, eat on campus, and get a sense of life as a Lawrence Conservatory student.

Self-Recorded Auditions

  • How can I make my video recording as strong as possible?
    • Making a good audition recording takes time, preparation, and planning. Record yourself regularly for practice and ask your teacher to help you with the process of preparation and evaluation as needed. The more experienced you are with this, the more relaxed and confident you will be in preparing any recorded audition.
    • If you are performing any part of the audition from memory, remember to place the music stand well away from you so that it does not distract either you or the viewers.
    • It may be helpful to have another person with you to hit the start and stop button on your recorder.
    • If possible, send your recordings to a music teacher for their review before submitting it for consideration.
  • How should I set up a space to make my recording?
    • Find a space where you like your sound as heard in your trial-run recording sessions. Remember that microphone placement can be important; too close may cause a distorted, brash sound and too far away may sound unclear. If spaces in your home are not working well for you, consider a space where you can do your work with focus and achieve a good result. Your teacher may be able to recommend a space, or consider meeting spaces or sanctuaries in houses of worship, schools or libraries nearby.
    • Good lighting is important, and those viewing your recording need to see you clearly. Take care to avoid backlighting that is too bright or distracting.
    • Position yourself about 6-7 feet away from the camera. Be sure that when you play viewers can observe the full range of motion of your body and instrument. For any instrument, the music stand should not obscure what your hands are doing while playing.
    • While speaking, take time to breathe well, and to be clear and deliberate. When adrenaline is flowing it is easy to rush things! 
  • Where can I find tips about my specific instrument?
    • After you submit your application and select the self-recorded audition option within your application status portal, you will find a link to recording tips that will have information specific to your instrument(s).