Adam Galambos (chair term I)
Claudena Skran (chair terms II and III)
  • Michael Clayville
    Michael Clayville Profile Picture
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Music in Entrepreneurial Studies and Social Engagement
    Campus Phone: 920-832-6630
    Campus Address: Shattuck Hall of Music Room 14 Conservatory of Music
    Years at Lawrence: -
  • Adam Galambos
    Adam Galambos Profile Picture
    Dwight and Marjorie Peterson Professor of Innovation and Associate Professor of Economics
    Campus Phone: 920-832-6667
    Education: University of Northern Iowa, B.A.; University of Minnesota, M.S., Ph.D.
    Interests: microeconomic theory, game theory, social choice theory, innovation and entrepreneurship
    Campus Address: Briggs Hall Room 212 Economics
    Years at Lawrence: 2006-
  • Brian G. Pertl
    Brian G. Pertl Profile Picture
    Dean of the Conservatory of Music
    Campus Phone: 920-832-6614
    Education: Lawrence University, B.A., B.M.; Wesleyan University, M.A.
    Interests: Ethnomusicology
    Campus Address: Music-Drama Center Room 128 Conservatory of Music
    Years at Lawrence: 2008-
  • Claudena Skran
    Claudena Skran Profile Picture
    Edwin & Ruth West Professor of Economics and Social Science and Professor of Government
    Campus Phone: 920-832-6674
    Education: Michigan State University, B.A.; Oxford University, M.Phil., Ph.D.
    Interests: international relations, international organizations, refugees, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, African politics, European politics
    Campus Address: Briggs Hall Room 214 Government
    Years at Lawrence: 1990-
  • Timothy X. Troy
    Timothy X. Troy Profile Picture
    J. Thomas and Julie E. Hurvis Professor of Theatre and Drama and Professor of Theatre Arts
    Campus Phone: 920-832-6747
    Education: Lawrence University, B.A.; University of Iowa, M.F.A.
    Interests: directing, musical theatre
    Campus Address: Music-Drama Center Room 132 Theatre Arts
    Years at Lawrence: 1997-
  • Gary T. Vaughan
    Gary T. Vaughan Profile Picture
    Lecturer in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Coordinator, Innovation and Entrepreneurship program
    Campus Phone: 920-832-6665
    Education: University Wisconsin - Oshkosh Bachelor of Liberal Studies Silver Lake College of the Holy Family Masters of Science
    Interests: Hiking the Ice Age Trail
    Campus Address: Briggs Hall Room 218 Economics
    Years at Lawrence: 2009-