2020/21 GLST Affiliated Courses

The following is a list of courses that are affiliated with the GLST major and which could be used to meet the requirements of one or all of the four tracks. In order to build a cohesive set of courses for your major, you should meet with your GLST advisor in building your schedule.

When using this list, keep in mind that in some cases you will need to manage prerequisites. For details of the individual courses, including the times, you should consult departmental listings. 

Each course in this list indicates which track(s) it may be most appropriate to, but these
indications are not meant to be exclusive. Please work with your academic advisor in Global
Studies to determine the most appropriate choices for your track and interests.

NI = Nations and Identities
GC = Global Cities
HS = Human Security
AE = Arts and Exchange


Fall Term
ARHI 130 - Art of Islamic Cultures  [AE]
EAST 150 - Modern East Asian Civilization [NI]
ECON 430 - Economic Growth and Poverty Traps [HS, AE]
ENG 280 - Postcolonial Writers [AE, NI, HS]
ENG 517 - Human Rights, Coming of Age Novel [HS, AE]
ENST 270 - Global Environmental Politics [HS]
GER 290 - Berlin Experience (in English) [GC]
GOVT 215 - Democracy in Comparative Perspective [NI, GC]
GOVT 340 - International Politics [HS, NI]
HIST 206 - Comparative History of Dreams [AE]
HIST/EAST 492 - History of Chinese Medicine [NI]
MUCO 460 - Transnational Popular Musics of Latin America [AE]
MUCO 471 - Performing Arts of Bali [AE]
RLST 210 - Hinduism [NI]
RLST 245 - Apple, Google, Facebook [AE, GC]
SPAN 577 - Space as Text [GC, AE]

Winter Term
ARHI 206 - Mosques, Minotaur: Medieval Art [AE, GC]
ARHI 285 - East Asian Modern City [GC]
CHJA 265 - Intro to Japanese Culture [NI]
CHJA 371 -  Japanese Traditional Literature and Thought [AE, NI]
ECON 204 - Effective Altruism [HS]
GOVT 248 - Social Entrepreneurship [HS]
GOVT 401 - Field Experience in Development [HS]
GOVT 500 - Comparative Politics and International Relations [NI, GC]
ENG 516 - Literature and Human Rights [AE, HS]
FREN 315 - Destination Dakar [AE, GC, NI, HS]
GER 290: Berlin Experience (in English) [GC]
HIST 105 - Cross-cultural Interactions Along the Silk Road [NI, AE]
HIST 110 - Emergence of the Modern World [NI]
HIST 160 - Traditional East Asian Civilization [NI]
HIST 205 - Cross-Cultural Interactions in Early Modern World [NI, AE]
HIST 378 - Ethnicity in Latin America [NI]
MUDA 221 - Dance Studies: Global Perspectives [AE]
RLST 216 - Buddhism in East Asia [NI]
SPAN 406 - Caribbean Cultures [NI, AE]
SPAN 512- Gender and Nation in 19th and 20th Century Literature [NI, HS, AE]

Spring Term
ANTH 385 - Ethnography of the Middle East and North Africa [NI]
ANTH 374 - Identity and Place [NI]
ARHI 286 - The Politics of Power in Modern Contemporary Chinese Art [AE, GC]
ECON 202 - Global Economic Relations [AE, HS]
ECON 320 - Macroeconomic Theory [AE, HS]
FREN 400+ - Senegal Trip Related Courses [AE, GC, NI, HS]
GLST 100 - Introduction to Global Studies [AE, GC, NI, HS]
GOVT 140 - Introduction to International Relations [NI]
GOVT 260 - European Democracies [NI]
GOVT 401 - Field Experience in Development [HS]
GOVT 425 - Climate Change, Violence, and Security [HS]
HIST 115 - The Modern World [NI]
HIST 140 - Gender and Feminism in Historical Perspective [HS]
HIST 197 - Latin American History [NI]
MUCO 492 - Music and Globalization [AE, NI]
RLST 100 - Introduction to Religious Studies [NI, HS]
RLST 365 - Faith and Power in Mediterranean [GC]
SPAN 425 - Latin American Visual Art [AE]
SPAN 515 - Eco-Criticism in Caribbean [HS, AE]
SPAN 580 - Contemporary Film and Fiction [AE]

GLST Affiliated Courses

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