2019/20 GLST Affiliated Courses

The following is a list of courses that are affiliated with the GLST major and which could be used to meet the requirements of one or all of the four tracks. In order to build a cohesive set of courses for your major, you should meet with your GLST advisor in building your schedule.

When using this list, keep in mind that in some cases you will need to manage prerequisites. For details of the individual courses, including the times, you should consult departmental listings. 

Each course in this list indicates which track(s) it may be most appropriate to, but these
indications are not meant to be exclusive. Please work with your academic advisor in Global
Studies to determine the most appropriate choices for your track and interests.

NI = Nations and Identities
GC = Global Cities
HS = Human Security
AE = Arts and Exchange


Fall Term

ANTH 378: Anthropology of Food, Carla Daughtry [NI, HS]
ARHI 433: Global Modernisms, Beth A. Zinsli, Nancy Lin [NI, GC]
ECON 100: Introductory Economics, Hillary Caruthers  [AE, HS]
ECON 300: Microeconomic Theory, Adam Galambos  [AE, HS]
ENG 280: Postcolonial Writers, Lena Khor  [NI, AE]
FIST 278: Intro to German Film, Alison C. Guenther-Pal   [AE, NI]
GOVT 140: Intro to International Relations, Jason Brozek   [NI, HS]
GOVT 425: War and Popular Culture, Jason Brozek   [AE, HS]
GOVT 500: Comparative Politics and International Relations, Claudena Skran  [NI, HS]
HIST 110: Emergence of the Modern World, Edmund Kern   [NI]
HIST 361: Western Encounters with China, Brigid Vance   [NI]
MUCO 470: Music of India, Sonja Downing   [AE, NI]
RLST 291: Meditation: Psychological and Buddhist Perspectives, Lori Hilt, Constance Kassor  [NI]
RUSS 306: Russian Theater, Victoria Kononova   [AE, NI]
SPAN 577: Space as Text, Gustavo Fares   [GC, AE]

Winter Term

ARHI 345: Female body in East Asian Art, Nancy Lin   [HS, AE]
ECON 100: Introductory Economics, David Gerard   [AE, HS]
ECON 200: Economic Development, Hilary Caruthers   [HS, AE]
ECON 495: Top: Labor Economics, Bryan E. Engelhardt  [HS, AE]
FREN 452: Senegalese Literature, Lifongo Vetinde  [NI, AE, GC]
FREN 555: Myths of Paris, Dominica Chang  [GC, AE, NI]
GER 418: Top: Weimar Culture, Alison C. Guenther-Pal   [NI, GC]
GOVT 140: Intro to International Relations, Jason Brozek   [NI, HS]
GOVT 215: Democracy in Comparative Perspective, Ameya Balsekar   [NI, HS, GC]
GOVT 226: Identity Politics, Ameya Balsekar  [NI, HS]
GOVT 248: Social Entrepreneurship, Claudena Skran   [HS, AE]
GOVT 340: International Politics, Claudena Skran   [NI, HS]
GOVT 401: Field Experience in Development, Claudena Skran   [NI, HS]
HIST 160: Traditional East Asian Civilization, Brigid Vance   [NI]
RLST 228: Yoga: Theory and Practice, Constance Kassor   [NI, AE]
RLST 240: Islam, Martyn Smith   [NI, HS]
SPAN 316: Gender, Politics, and Current Events in Spain, Rosa Tapia   [NI, HS]
THAR 221: Dance Studies: Global Perspectives, Daniel Schuchart, Monica Rodero   [AE]


ANTH 358: Ethnography of the Middle East and North Africa, Carla Daughtry   [NI]
ARHI 175: The Arts of East Asia, Nancy Lin   [NI, AE]
ARHI 284: The Spectacle of Edo Japan, Nancy Lin  [AE, GC]
ECON 100: Introductory Economics, Jonathan Lhost   [AE, HS]
ECON 202: Global Economic Relations, David E. Duncombe   [HS]
FIST 330: Introduction to Latin American and Spanish Film, Rosa Tapia  [AE]
FIST 418: Top: History and Theory of Horror Film, Amy Ongiri   [AE]
FREN 392: African and Black American Experience, Lifongo Vetinde   [NI, HS, AE]
FREN 501: French Immigrant Voices, Lifongo Vetinde  [NI, AE]
GER 431: Top: Jewish-German Literature, Vanessa D. Plumly  [NI, AE]
GOVT 245: Comparative Politics, Ameya Balsekar   [NI, HS]
GOVT 365: International Law, Jason Brozek   [HS, AE]
GOVT 401: Field Experience in Development, Claudena Skran  [NI, HS]
GOVT 446: Comparative Authoritarianism, Ameya Balsekar  [NI, HS]
GOVT 480: International Organizations, Claudena Skran   [HS, AE]
HIST 165: Modern East Asian Civilization, Brigid Vance   [NI]
HIST 308: Chinese Women's History   [NI, HS]
HIST 325: Soviet Union: 1917-1991, Peter Blitstein  [NI]
MUCO 495: Methods, Theories, and Debates in Ethnomusicology, Sonja Downing  [AE]
PHIL 115/316: Food Ethics, Chloe Armstrong  [HS]
RLST 100: Intro to Religious Studies, Martyn Smith  [NI, GC]
RLST 215: Buddhism in India and Tibet, Constance Kassor  [NI]
RLST 227: Religion in South Asia, Constance Kassor   [NI]
RUSS 320: Golden Age of Silent Film, Peter Thomas   [AE]
RUSS 335: Through the Eyes of Women: Women and Gender in Russian Culture, Victoria Kononova   [NI, HS, AE]
SPAN 515: Ruining the Imaginary of Paradise: Eco-Criticism in the Spanish-Speaking Caribbean, Thelma B. Jimenez-Anglada   [NI, HS, AE]

GLST Affiliated Courses

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