Please note: The information displayed here is current as of Saturday, September 18, 2021, but the official Course Catalog should be used for all official planning.

2021-2022 Course Catalog

Required for the major in German

The German major requirements are structured so as to offer students the flexibility to select courses based on their individual interests. After attaining proficiency in the language, the only required courses are GER312: Reading Texts and Contexts and the Senior Experience (either GER600: Senior Seminar or an independent study).

Students who complete the major in German can expect to achieve the following:

  • At least intermediate-high to advanced-low level proficiency in the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing);
  • The ability to engage critically and analytically with a variety of literary and cultural texts (e.g., poetry, film, drama, material culture, visual art, historical documents, novels, popular music) by situating them in their aesthetic, historical, political, social and (inter-)cultural contexts;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Germanophone cultures as diverse, dynamic, multi-lingual, and global;
  • At the culmination of the major, execute the research and writing skills to carry out an independent project relevant to the discipline of German Studies using primary and secondary resources.

The major in German requires:

  1. 60 units beyond GER 202, including GER 312: Reading Texts and Contexts. At least 36 of these units must be taken at Lawrence. Only 12 units taught in English may count toward the major, but tutorials in German taken in conjunction with courses taught in English may count as German credit.
  2. Students usually complete a capstone project in the senior seminar or in conjunction with a departmental course taken during the senior year (see Senior Experience below).
  3. Students who expect to graduate present a portfolio by the second week of their final term. The student's advisor will review a portfolio consisting of the following materials submitted electronically:
    1. a brief reflection statement in which students evaluate their intellectual development as German majors
    2. a list of courses taken for the major
    3. sample Lesejournale or other short writing assignments from all German courses numbered 300 and above taken at Lawrence
    4. four papers from upper-level courses, two of which may be from courses taken abroad
    5. the capstone paper

Senior Experience in German

The German department's Senior Experience consists of an independent research project that explores a question of the student's own choosing relevant to the discipline of German Studies. Students hone their research and writing skills through the Senior Seminar (GER600) or independent study. They typically develop and explore a research question during Fall Term and complete the writing of the project during Winter Term of their senior year. Beyond the completion of a capstone project, other important components of the Senior Experience are advanced instruction in academic research and writing, evaluation of primary and secondary resources, peer and instructor feedback, utilization of various theoretical perspectives, and extensive revision.

Students undertaking a capstone in another discipline or who are wishing to receive teacher certification should work with all concerned departments/programs to assess the feasibility of an interdisciplinary capstone.

Required for the minor in German

  1. Thirty-six units beyond GER 202, including GER 312: Reading Texts and Contexts. At least 24 of these units must be taken at Lawrence. Only six units taught in English may count toward the minor, but tutorials taken in conjunction with English courses may count as German credits.

Teacher certification in German (K-12)

German majors can seek certification to teach German at the elementary and secondary levels. To be certified, students must spend a term in a German-speaking country studying the language and culture and must pass an oral and writing proficiency test. Students can add an endorsement in a second area (such as another language or English as a second language) by completing the appropriate minor. Students who plan to seek teacher certification should review the requirements in the Education Studies section of the catalog and meet with the director of teacher education, preferably before the end of the sophomore year.