Please note: The information displayed here is current as of Wednesday, January 26, 2022, but the official Course Catalog should be used for all official planning.

2021-2022 Course Catalog

Required for the major in ethnic studies

Students who major in ethnic studies will learn to critically review debates over definitions of race and ethnicity. They will learn to articulate a variety of disciplinary perspectives and will demonstrate familiarity with a range of theoretical approaches in discussions of race and ethnicity. And they will relate the impact of race and ethnicity on the lives of people in contemporary society.

The major in ethnic studies requires the following:

  1. The following introductory courses:
    1. ETST 110: Introduction to Ethnic Studies
    2. ETST 210: Expressions of Ethnicity
  2. The following theory and methods courses:
    1. ETST 301: Theories of Race and Ethnicity
    2. ETST 302: Research Methods in Ethnic Studies
  3. Five six-unit elective courses, representing coursework from at least two different departments and including at least two upper-division courses numbered in the 400s-500s.
  4. Required social justice or community-based learning experience in an off-campus site (local, domestic, or global) accompanied by a reflection
    1. A non-credit bearing requirement that students may fulfill through work-study, volunteering, or service-learning in a community or organization. Students may fulfill this requirement for elective credit if completed as part of an internship or community-based learning.  The Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee approves social justice or community-based learning proposals and evaluates written reflections upon completion. The deadline for completion is third week of winter term in a student's senior year (though students are encouraged to complete this requirement sooner).

Senior Experience in ethnic studies

In consultation with an Ethnic Studies faculty advisor, students may choose one of three senior capstone options:

  1. ETST 600: Senior Seminar
  2. Off-campus program experience incorporating a major research project
  3. Student teaching practicum teaching English to speakers of other languages OR Teaching in ethnically diverse K-12 classrooms or programs

Required for the minor in ethnic studies

  1. ETST 110: Introduction to Ethnic Studies
  2. One of the following courses:
    1. ETST 210: Expressions of Ethnicity
    2. ETST 301: Theories of Race and Ethnicity
    3. ETST 302: Research Methods with Communities of Color
  3. Three six-unit electives drawn from at least two departments and reflecting individual interest in certain topics or current debates, specific ethno-racial communities, geographic areas, or historical time periods.
  4. One six-unit upper-division seminar (courses numbered in the 400s-500s)