Focus on the experiences and expressions of people of color in the United States and beyond.

Critically examine how constructions of race and racism are still embedded in institutions and everyday life. Take a multidisciplinary approach to understanding and investigating constructs like race and ethnicity. From theory to practice, your work can impact people, communities, and policy.

Mug of Chloe Thomas

Student Perspective

“I not only receive an interdisciplinary education on topics related to race and ethnicity, but I am also given the tools to apply theory and literature into tangible practice and hands-on service to benefit marginalized identities/communities instead of perpetuating further erasure and trauma.”

Chloe Thomas ’23 
Ethnic Studies
Brooklyn, New York


Jesus Gregorio Smith | Open Office

Lawrence students visit the office of Jesús Gregorio Smith, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies, and connect on interests in and out of the classroom.

The Undocumented Americans book.

Ethnicity in Latin America 

Explore the coming together of distinct Native, African, and European ethnicities in Latin America, and the resulting creation of new ethnicities. Examine how race has been understood in Latin American history and how attitudes toward race have fundamentally shaped the history of the region.

Delve into disciplines ranging from anthropology to music.

From foundational classes to a self-defined focus.

Learn from experts across a variety of fields.

Student presents her senior capstone project during Ethnic Studies

Social Justice, Defined

The off-campus Social Justice Requirement is a service learning experience designed by each individual ethnic studies student.

The Chandler Senior Experience

This culminating experience is designed to bring reflection and focus to your Ethnic Studies experience.

Recent Senior Experiences include:

  • Capturing Our Voices: The Counter-Stories of Native American Students in Higher Education
  • Black Women and Social Health in the Workplace
2021 graduate smiles for a portrait

Ethnic Studies Outcomes

The skills you gain will prepare you for graduate-level study or help you thrive in diverse communities and workplaces.

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