A Message to All Students

ETST is at the cusp of an exciting future. The Committee on Curriculum has unanimously endorsed a proposal to create a tenure track position in Ethnic Studies. Now that we have an endorsement there is much work to be done to consolidate resources to fund the position. Envisioning our preferred timeline, we would like to interview candidates next Fall 2016 - Winter 2017.  Therefore, the new candidate would join the faculty and start teaching in Fall 2017.

We members of the  Ethnic Studies steering board are very grateful to everyone who participated in the process to build a stronger Ethnic Studies.  We thank current students and alumni who participated in a March 2015 survey that factored in our self-study report of the Ethnic Studies minor (its history, strengths, weaknesses, needs, and vision for the future).  We thank Dr. Chinyere Oparah who came to campus in May 2015 to conduct an external review of the Ethnic Studies program. Her evaluation of the program played an important role when Ethnic Studies faculty wrote a proposal for the new, tenure-track faculty position in Ethnic Studies, which we submitted October 2015 for review by the university committee process. Finally, we are grateful to colleagues on the Curriculum Committee for their extensive deliberation. 

As an interdisciplinary field that offers a body of theory, concepts, and methodological approaches for rigorous analysis of race and ethnicity in relation to other social identities, Ethnic Studies provides an opportunity for all students at Lawrence to participate in meaningful dialogue analyzing and critiquing concepts and practices of race and ethnicity.  We believe that strengthening the Ethnic Studies program and creating a major in Ethnic Studies will thus be highly valuable in contributing to our common aspirations for Lawrence.

Ameya Balsekar

Peter Blitstein

Elizabeth Carlson

Carla Daughtry

Sonja Downing

José Encarnacion

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