Advising for the Cognitive Science Minor

The minor in Cognitive Science can complement a major in two ways:

  • Supplementing a major in one area (philosophy, computer science, neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, or anthropology) with courses in other areas, providing a multidisciplinary perspective on the mind;
  • For any major (arts, humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences), providing insight into the cognitive processes that underlie that field of endeavor.

Students who want to minor in Cognitive Science should take PHIL 105 Introduction to Cognitive Science, preferably during the freshman or sophomore year.  The minor also requires six additional courses in varied departments as listed in the minor requirements.

Students who want to major in Cognitive Science should propose a student-designed major that expands upon the minor with additional courses and a Senior Experience.

For more information, contact the program chair: Bob Williams, Associate Professor of Education.