Damage to corals

Bleaching by type, extent, species affected, locations on reef

Home ranges and site specificity

Blue headed wrasse, Urchins, Chitons, Cling crabs

Reproductive behavior -- Sgt. Majors

Mating, spawning, guarding and tending eggs

Time energy budgets -- (e.g. Four-eyed butterfly fish)

Feeding and movement patterns, measurement of oxygen consumption

Damselfish territoriality

Naturalistic observation or manipulation (model bottle)
Types of territories in varying sites on reef
Reactions to herbivores vs. carnivores

Feeding Energetics

Enclosures with algae covered coral, algivores--damselfish and urchins, oxygen consumption measurements

Production/Respiration ratios

A model of reef "behavior" in the upside-down jellyfish -- daytime production and night-time respiration

Opportunistic feeding behavior

Urchins (carnivores) and Algae (herbivores) placed in various reef locations

Anemone feeding -- using giant Caribbean anemone and various foods

Food preferences, rates of ingestion, rates of digestion

Symbionts in anemones/shrimp

Types, behavior, dislocation and re-orientation experiments

Sponge feeding

Types of sponges eaten, who is eating them, collect spicules from sponges (eaten and non-eating types) for later analysis

Cleaner stations

Locations, types of organisms (shrimp and/or fish) doing cleaning, types of fish being cleaned, solicitation behaviors, cleaning behavior

Schooling behavior

Species composition (homospecific and heterospecific), behavior of schools, locations of schools, reaction to predators

Coral competition

Random quadrat method, nearest neighbor analysis of adjacencies, observation of actual damage

Coral morphology

Relation to depth, light levels, types of corals capable of morphological plasticity, measurement of surface area, abundance at various depths

Sediment on the reef

Measurement of sedimentation types and levels at various locations, observation of sediment processors (sea cucumbers, parrot fish), reactions of various corals to sedimentation (naturalistic observation and manipulation)