Katie Ries

Artist & Land Scout, Manitowoc, WI
Website: http://whoshareswins.com
Email: katherine.ries@snc.edu

Artist Statement: I am interested in the cultural limits of what is possible and reasonable for modern people who want to be good land stewards. With a foundation of drawing I create objects and systems that call for specific actions that orient the user/viewers towards a greater familiarity with their landscape. I consider the work to be a matrix that holds information and waits only for the audience to enable its reproduction and dissemination. If the work itself is the matrix and the viewer the substrate to receive and realize the information, the edition is variable, open, and defined by the diversity of people who come to receive and use the work.

Speaker Bio: A graduate of UT Knoxville (MFA) and Colorado College (BA) Katie Ries lives and works in Northeastern Wisconsin. Ries creates drawings, prints, costumes, and objects to raise and answer humorous questions about land, labor, and community. She is the founder of the Land Scouts, an urban troop promoting land stewardship. The Land Scouts are open to all. In 2006 Ries helped establish and run the Birdhouse, a community space for artists, musicians and activists in Knoxville, TN. She is currently working to design and build a pair of “sustainable fashion boots” appropriate for Wisconsin winters.

Sponsorship: Fine Arts Colloquium, The Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop, and the Art & Art History Department