John Garrett

Comics, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Artist, Milwaukee, WI  garrett_john

John Garrett is an artist, designer, web developer, and comic creator with 20 years of experience in the prepress and design industries. Via his course, he’s helped people all over the world with Adobe Illustrator, and uses Adobe Creative Suite almost every day in the pursuit of making comics and creating cool art.


Artist Statement: I create comics, sci-fi and fantasy artwork, at first via traditional methods of drawing and painting and Photoshop, but I've now transitioned from 2D art creation into 3D, and I love using it to bring ideas to life.
In addition, I've been working in the graphics industry for over 15 years, starting with flexographic pre-press then working my way into design and web development. I put that technical skill to work in various design programs in order to make the artwork I love.  

Speaker Bio: John Garrett ’94, alum from Lawrence University, majored in Studio Art. He currently is the Supreme Overlord of and freelance artist.

Sponsored by: The Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop, Fine Arts Colloquium, and the Art & Art History Department