Here you can browse the images and statements of the visiting artists who have been so kind as to share their time and works with us. Prints are listed in alphabetical order. To purchase go to Collect & Subscribe. All of the prints are limited edition prints with only thirteen prints available for sale to collectors and the general public. One copy for the edition is a either a part of the Wriston Galleries Print Room Collection or Mudd Library's Artist Books Collection and another print is kept as a part of the Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop’s Permanent Collection. Please contact me for availability or if you have any questions regarding any of the images or artists at

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Lisa Bigalke

Printmaker & Book Artist, Kenosha, WI
"Osmunda's Winter Garden" 2014
reductive linocut

My imagery comes from places explored with friends -- the Chequamegon National Forest, Grant Park in Milwaukee, or even my garden. Traveling through these places and documenting through photos, drawings, and notes gives me the opportunity to reinterpret what I see.  The spirit of each place comes through in the color and texture. Abstracting from nature allows me to create decorative patterns and visual texture in both macro and micro landscapes. Read more...

Martin Brief

AMartin Briefrtist, St. Louis, MO
"Challenges (Lawrence Spring 2015)" 2015

Martin investigates the ways that language, thought, and information relate to contemporary culture and the creation of self. He draws from early conceptual art practices, Zen Buddhism, information overload and data collection practices to make beautiful, spare, laborious works on paper. Read more...

Stephen Frech

Poet & Printmaker, Decatur, IL
“Untitled” 2013

Stephen Frech has earned degrees from Northwestern University, Washington University in St. Louis, and the University of Cincinnati. He has published three volumes of poetry: Toward Evening and the Day Far Spent (Kent State University Press) won the 1995 Wick Poetry Chapbook Contest, If Not For These Wrinkles of Darkness won the White Pine Press Poetry Prize … Read more…

Nicole Hand

Printmaker & Book Artist, Arlo, KY
“Folded Expressions” 2011

Ideas, beliefs, and skills are passed from one generation to the next. The skills that were passed down to me were based on a traditional domestic structure. The duties within my household were divided according to gender roles, influencing my family structure, while at the same time I questioned their validity. The questioning of these roles inspires my work through an autobiographical perspective. Read more…

Edwin Jager

Designer, Printmaker, Book Artist & Installation Artist, Oshkosh, WI
“MoMA Fugue: Iconometer Series” 2012
silk screen

Iconometer is a serial artist’s book. I started this project because I wanted to output ideas and experiments while I was working on larger works, like prints and installations. I use it to explore concept and form on an intimate scale, investigating a small part of a larger work or combining disparate elements to create independent pieces. The content has evolved to include travel narratives, collecting and personal anecdotes. Read more…

Emily Martin

Printmaker & Book Artists, Iowa City, IA
“Daily Archeology” 2012
intaglio & hand stamping

I have an ongoing interest in the artist’s book as a container of content but also as a sculptural object. I like the complexity that working with books allows, the materials, the forms, the content all working together. I am interested in the relationship between the viewer and the book. A book to be viewed fully must be handled. This makes for a more connected even intimate, type of viewing. I draw from my own life, what I read, experience, remember, dream and also make up, is used to develop the content of my books. I want a communication from my work to the viewer, a communication sometimes clear, sometimes ambiguous or subject to interpretation. Read more…

Traci Molloy

Printmaker & Social Activist, Brooklyn, NY 
"Sundown in Appleton" 2014
lithograph and silkscreen

I create raw and minimal art on paper by utilizing photography, printmaking, painting, and digital art techniques. My work explores themes of adolescent culture, violence, loss, and identity. I am also interested in the aftermath of violence - how humans process trauma and grief. My art is actualized in large, conceptually related series. Read more...

Jeff Morin

Printmaker & Book Artist, Stevens Point, WI\
“Adam” & “Eve” (diptych) 2011
handmade pigmented paper with letterpress & reductive linoleum block

To create or make art at first glance seems like a natural thing. Yet, if by our nature we do not want to draw attention to ourselves, making art is truly unnatural. In addition, if one wants to have an honest dialogue with the viewer, one has to drop all cares away. One’s work reflects who one is. If not, it is a lie and a lie is often simply easier though fundamentally wrong. Read more…

Sarah Nicholls

Printmaker & Book Artist, Brooklyn, NY
“Escapism for Amateurs” 2012
reductive linocut & letterpress

My work revolves around the borrowed authority of printed language. I often use that tone of authority to explore the comforts and limitations of community: what kinds of things bind people together, and why it is difficult to hold that in place. I build texts by moving back and forth between collecting language and editing/rewriting. These texts often deal with time, patterns of behavior, transformation, and collections. I am fascinated by the interior monologue and the kind of interior lapses in time that reading creates. Read more…

Nancy Palmeri

Printmaker, Arlington, TX
“Giallo” 2011
reductive woodcut

The daughter of Sicilian immigrants, my daily existence was (and is) colored by an exposure to very specific cultural and religious icons. My aesthetic as a visual artist has been formed, in part, by seeing prayer cards of saints and angels, small plastic statues of major Italian monuments, stories told about my family’s history, and very typical Sicilian icons. Read more…

Kristin Powers Nowlin

Kristin Powers NowlinPrintmaker, Manhattan, KS
"Delicious: A Secret Blend" 2015

Nowlin’s artwork represents the various ways that popular, scientific, and academic cultures use to identify race. Skin color, hair type and color, facial features, and bloodline have all been explored and exploited as ways to include or exclude people from one category or another. Read more...

Katie Ries

Artist & Land Scout
"Observations: Sidewalk Objects" 2014
silk screen

I am interested in the cultural limits of what is possible and reasonable for modern people who want to be good land stewards. With a foundation of drawing I create objects and systems that call for specific actions that orient the user/viewers towards a greater familiarity with their landscape. I consider the work to be a matrix that holds information and waits only for the audience to enable its reproduction and dissemination. If the work itself is the matrix and the viewer the substrate to receive and realize the information, the edition is variable, open, and defined by the diversity of people who come to receive and use the work. Read more...

Benjamin D. Rinehart

Printmaker & Book Artist, Appleton, WI
“Ryan Michael” 2010
pressure print & reductive woodcut

Seeking approval and acceptance from others are ideas that everyone can relate to. Our ability to embrace differences in others heavily depends on a lifetime of external social and environmental influences. What we adopt into our lives is very much a subjective process. I am intrigued by what happens when comfortable or predictable ideologies are questioned. What physical or emotional response(s) does the viewer encounter? Read more…

Lyle Salmi

Painter & Printmaker, Decatur, IL
"Under Water" 2013

As a painter, I am interested in how color, form, and light interact within the pictorial space. Color and form are inseparable from both light and space. Forms emerge from the process of painting, as a result there is an intimate relationship between implied space and the literal surface of the painting.  Read more…

H. Schenck

H. SchenckArtist, Dallas, TX
"My Golem" 2016
archival pigment print & lithograph

H. Schenck explores systems of social navigation by creating environments that inspire understanding, sympathy, and acceptance. H. Schenck uses a methodological aesthetic in conjunction with everyday objects/video recordings/images to explore the normalcy and struggle of navigating social structures. Read more...

Shawn Sheehy

Pop-Up Engineer & Book Artist, Chicago, IL
"Eelio" 2014
pop-up print & letterpress

Artists' books uniquely communicate through image, text and structure. Pop-ups exploit the expressive potential of a book's structure. They provide the sculptor the opportunity to create 3D form and they provide the engineer the challenge of bringing those forms to life. Pop-up books are powerfully sneaky; they knowingly cultivate the 'unsuspecting audience.' Pop-up books attract adults with as much ease as they attract children, and provide the perfect vessel for exploring the content that exists in the borderlands between youth culture and adult culture. Read more...

D.L. Simmons

Printmaker, Spartanburg, SC
"Walking Away" 2013
archival pigment print & silk screen

My work is a direct response to my life experiences. Although my work does not directly reproduce any specific events, the imagery is made up of objects and icons that reflect and give way to narrative vignettes abstracted from my life. I use my personal experiences as a lens to explore cultural context and develop visual concepts as metaphor. Read more…

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