Co-Curriculum Workshops

All of these workshops are designed to help you succeed during your time at Lawrence. Faculty and Staff give you their best advice and insight into the various parts of campus to help you navigate your life at Lawrence. 



Workshop 1: Mandatory-Introduction to Lawrence and Community Expectations

Summer Institute participants will learn about the social code and expectations and the honor code and academic integrity.  Participants will also engage in a goal-setting activity to guide their time in the Summer Institute and at Lawrence.


Workshop 2: Interdependency at Lawrence 

This interactive workshop will help you to better understand the meaning of interdependence and how that related to your academic success. Using resources, seeking help and finding a balance is crucial, that's why this workshop is designed to prepare you for college life. "With freedom comes responsibility."


Workshop 3: WELLU; Let wellness services help you thrive.

Learn about the wellness center, wellness services, health, counseling, intramurals, and recreation on a walking tour of the building. There will be time in the end to play games.


Workshop 4: Making an Impact in Your New Community

Welcome to the neighborhood! Learn about Lawrence led initiatives to improve our local community and ways that you can get involved. We will explore community issues that are important to you, tell some stories, and provide you with ways you can share your skills and interests to improve our world.


Workshop 5: Exploring IdentitiesL Building an Inclusive Community 

This workshop will provide an understanding of social identities, the intersectionality of identities and how they influence relationships within our communities. Using interactive activities, you will gain an increased awareness of your own social identities and learn how you can help build inclusive communities on campus. Let's talk about it!


Workshop 6: Welcome to Your Library 

All of us at the Mudd Library want to welcome you to Lawrence! We provide services, materials, and staff that will support your academic and personal interests. The library here has some major differences from other libraries, public and school, that you've used before--for example, we have nearly a million total items in the library, and provide connections to millions more electronic resources. But more importantly, we want you to feel at home here. This session will introduce you to the way the library is organized, the kinds of things we provide, and the ways the library connects with you and your work.


Workshop 7: Welcome to the CLC (Center for Career, Life and Community Engagement)

Welcome to the CLC!  Planning for life after Lawrence begins now.  Learn about our many services for students, including job opportunities (on-campus, part/full-time), internships, career planning, major selection, career treks around the country, graduate school and more!


Workshop 8: The Conservatory of Music, The Athletics Department & Leadership Exploration 

A chat with Brian Pertl, Dean of the Conservatory of Music and Christyn Abaray, Director of Athletics on the importance of finding your identity in Lawrence and how it can enhance a sense of belonging in an even broader way. Additionally, you will be able to explore the thoughts, ideas, and skillset on developing one’s self-awareness, growth mindset and communication.


Workshop 9: Being Part of a Multifaith Community 

Lawrence will challenge you to get outside of your own boxes in many ways. In this time together you get to talk about religion, spirituality, and their importance in your own life as well as to hear from others about their experiences. Multifaith communities are a very special way of becoming wise in the company of others.


Workshop 10: Establish your Goals and Motivation

Start your term right: What drives you? Do you have clear goals? How often do you revisit your goals? How can you stay motivated from start to end? This workshop will capture your attention: keep you engaged and prepare you for academic success.


Workshop 11: Finding a Job Through Handshake 

Looking for on-campus jobs or internships? Trying to connect with employers? In this workshop, you'll create your Lawrence Link - powered by Handshake profile and learn how to search for jobs, attend events, sign up for appointments and more! Bring your laptop!


Workshop 12: WellYou at LU

This workshop will offer wellness opportunities and techniques to help you thrive at Lawrence. You will be able to create your unique, wellness plan and learn about tools and resources to help you cope with stress and establish a healthy routine.


Workshop 13: Inside the Mudd; Library Support for Your Class Reading and Research

There are two important services that are new to all students at Lawrence--Reserves and Interlibrary loan. Reserves are the materials for reading, viewing, and listening that faculty set aside for their classes. Interlibrary loan, or ILL, is a service that borrows books and articles for your research use from almost anywhere; last year, the ILL office borrowed materials from 46 different states and D.C., as well as Puerto Rice and Canada. Come find out more about Reserves and ILL, and meet the people who can help you make the most of both.


Workshop 14: Holding it Together; Body, Mind, and Spirit

Body, Mind, and Spirit are all important parts of who we are. This workshop is a chance to experience some ancient practices that can help you "hold it together" when the going gets tough. We will take time to create strategies to keep your body, mind, and spirit together throughout the college experience.


Workshop 15: Followership and Leadership

We live, learn, and work with others, often in groups that share a common goal. In these groups, individuals influence and support others, and are, in turn, influenced and supported by those around them. When we do this with thoughtfulness, purpose, and intention, it can be called leadership or followership. This workshop will provide a brief overview of some of the elements common to successful followership and leadership, as described by academic leadership studies.


Workshop 16: Clarifying Goals and Priorities when Managing Conflict

When we consider working out a problem or addressing an issue with another person (friend, roommate, family member, partner, etc.), it is important to analyze the situation and figure out what our goals and priorities are. This is much easier said than done. This workshop provides practical strategies for clarifying your priorities and goals when addressing conflict.


Workshop 17: Academic Planning and Advising

A brief presentation and Q&A about how you can work with your advisor from day 1 to chart a path that combines your academic and life goals.


Workshop 18: Building Leadership Skills through Involvement on Campus

Being involved on campus isn't just FUN, it is also a way to continue to hone your leadership skills, make connections to others and the campus, and grow as a person. In this workshop, we will build on leadership information you have already heard and find out ways to put that into practice. You will find out more about the varying groups, organizations, committees, and events that you can take part in throughout the year -there is something for everyone here!


Workshop 19: Time Management 

Developing time management skills is a journey. The goal is to help you to become aware of how you use your time as one resource in organizing, prioritizing, and succeeding in your studies in the context of competing activities of friends, work, and family.