Previous Honors Projects

Students at Lawrence University have been pursuing Honors in Independent study since the early 1940s when the institution was known as Lawrence College. Although these projects were not systematically preserved, copies of most early Honors projects are housed in the University Archives.

A few of these early (pre-1970) Honors papers were also microfilmed. These microfiche are housed in the Seeley G. Mudd Library in the first floor microfilm area. From 1970 through 2011 all Honors Projects were microfilmed and are housed in the same area. Bibliographic descriptions of all "Lawrence University Honors Projects" can be found in the library catalog. The earlier projects are described as "honors paper" and the latter "honors project," allowing for the increase in projects in multiple formats.

Since 2011 all projects awarded Honors have been archived digitally in Lawrence University institutional repository, Lux. Access to these projects is determined by the authors, that is, the students producing the work. Some are available on the open web, some are available on-campus only, and some may have an embargo attached. In addition some pre-2011 projects have been digitized with permission of the authors.