Is it necessary to register for an independent study in order to complete an Honors Project?  

 Students do not have to register for an independent study course in order to submit an Honors Project.

How many pages does the written portion of an Honors Project have to be? Does it have to be in a certain format?

The thesis need not be of any special form or length, provided that its form is appropriate to the discipline to which it belongs. Students’ advisors are responsible for providing guidance in regard to format and the conventions of scholarly documentation pertinent to their disciplines. Physical copies of all accepted projects are permanently housed in the Lawrence University Archives.

Can a Senior Experience project also be submitted as an Honors Project?

All students contemplating graduation must complete a Senior Experience as a condition of their graduation. This Senior Experience may be submitted for Honors in Independent Study, provided the criteria for cum laude Honors are met. Individual Departments determine whether or not an Honors project may serve as the Senior Experience.

May two or more students collaborate on a single Honors Project?

Projects undertaken jointly may be submitted for Honors in Independent Study. The work involved in such cases, however, must be equitably shared and demonstrate benefits clearly resulting from the merger of the authors’ different skills and knowledge. Students considering joint projects must obtain the consent of their faculty advisor(s) and the Committee on Honors well in advance of such endeavors.

If a student is enrolled in an off-campus program for a portion of the year or an entire year, may he/she defend an Honors Project?

If it is agreeable to both the student and advisor, an Honors Project may be undertaken while a student or advisor is off-campus.

What kind of assistance is there for students working on Honors Projects?

Students planning to undertake Honors Projects should check with their advisors early in the process to see if financial support for research is available.  Students can apply for up to $3,000 to support an ambitious or distinctive Senior Experience or honors project through the Chandler Senior Experience at Lawrence fund.

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