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Hi, I’m Brian Pertl, Dean of the Conservatory and Watson Fellow from 1986. I am thrilled to be a part of Lawrence’s Watson Fellowship team. Why?  In short, the Watson changed my life, and I want the Watson to change yours as well!  I spent a year studying the Australian Aboriginal didjeridu, and Tibetan Buddhist sacred music. That year set the stage for a career as an ethnomusicologist, performer, group manager at Microsoft, and now Dean right here back at Lawrence. 

If you are an independent, adventurous, intellectually curious citizen of the world (e.g. a Lawrentian) with an unquenchable desire to pursue your life’s passion, then the Watson is for you.

The competion is stiff, but the rewards are immense! I strongly encourage you to apply. Your Journey starts here!

Applications for 2017-18 are due Tuesday, Sept. 26th at 8 PM.

Good Luck,

Dean Pertl

Who Should Apply?

Explorers, adventurers, and independent, self-motivated scholars who are passionate to follow their dream and excited by the prospect of traveling the world to follow that dream.  A successful Watson is also organzied focused and driven. They love engaging with the world and all the people in it. A successful candidate also needs to be prepared to overcome adversity.  In a year of independent travels, there will be things that go wrong. A Watson needs to successfully overcome these challenges.  Finally, an applicant needs to be open to change.  Over 90% of Watson Fellows report that the Watson changed their life.  If you fit this description, what are you waiting for, an invitation*?

*Watson Fellows don’t wait for invitations!

Check out all the details here:


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