Lawrence Conservatory alumni shine their light as performing artists, music educators, arts managers, composers, and so much more!


Our graduates have jobs in orchestras, opera companies, chamber groups, bands, and self-created ensembles. They are freelance musicians, military musicians, and teaching artists. Lawrence musicians are performing around the world.  

Music Education 

Our Music Education graduates have 100% job placement in schools across the country and around the world. 

Graduate School 

About 30% of our graduates go directly to graduate school where they pursue a wide variety of interests: performance, musicology, ethnomusicology, theory, music therapy, arts management, music education, or fields outside of music. 

Studio Teaching 

Many graduates set up their own teaching studios or teach through other organizations as part of their musical life. 

Arts Management  

Lawrence grads are working at and leading all kinds of arts organizations that are bringing music and the arts to communities across the country, including

  • St. Paul Chamber Orchestra 
  • Milwaukee Symphony 
  • Dallas Opera 
  • Chicago Symphony 
  • New York Jazz Academy 
  • Midori & Friends 


Lawrentians are finding success as classical composers, film composers, jazz and contemporary composers, and singer-songwriters.  

Recording, Engineering, and Production 

Graduates are finding and creating jobs in as recording engineers, producers, and live concert sound designers.  

So Much Else 

Since Lawrence musicians are smart, creative, collaborative, leaders, our graduates have also landed jobs in high tech, finance, social service organizations and just about every other field imaginable.  

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Find Support for Career Exploration

Whether you want to jump into a career, pursue advanced studies, or engage in service work, the Career Center is here to help you explore and plan for life after Lawrence.