Lawrence's teacher education program prepares you to ask "why" and not simply "what" or "how," to turn a critical eye on the world your students live in, and to meet new challenges as they arise.  

With Lawrence's liberal arts approach to teacher preparation, you will:  

  • Acquire a broad education in the liberal arts and sciences; 

  • Achieve intellectual depth by majoring in the subject you intend to teach (any Lawrence major is accepted for elementary teaching); and 

  • Build educational expertise through coursework and classroom experiences. 

The teacher education program readies you to teach in diverse settings, to connect your subject matter with broad human concerns, and to help your students develop and find purpose in their lives. 

Certification Areas

Lawrence offers certification for the following licenses: 

  • Elementary/Middle (K-9) - with any major in the college or conservatory 

  • English Language Arts (4-12) – with a major in English 

  • Social Studies (4-12) - with a major in history, government, economics, psychology, or anthropology 

  • Science (4-12) - with a major in biology, chemistry, environmental science, geosciences, or physics 

  • Mathematics (4-12) - with a major in mathematics 

  • Computer Science (4-12) - with a major in computer science 

  • Art (K-12) - with a major in studio art 

  • Music (K-12) - with a major in music education in the conservatory 

  • Theatre (K-12) - with a major in theatre arts

  • World Languages (K-12) - with a major in Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, or Japanese 

  • English as a Second Language (K-12) - with the teaching ESL minor in linguistics 

Student Teaching Options

Elementary candidates student teach in the fall semester in the Appleton Area School District, where they receive methods instruction from master teachers. Secondary & all-levels candidates student teach in the fall or spring semester with three placement options: near Lawrence, in Chicago (through our partnership with the Chicago Center), or internationally (nine weeks in a local school plus nine weeks abroad).

Gain expertise in educational theory and practice through coursework and practicums in local schools.

Learn more about requirements for different teaching licenses.

Learn more about the teacher education faculty.

Lifongo Vetinde talks with students in a class at Lawrence.

Post-Graduate Certification

You can get certified to become a teacher through Lawrence University even if you’ve already graduated from Lawrence or another college.

Michelle Gibson ’17 works with students in her second-grade classroom at Appleton’s Lincoln Elementary School.

Education Studies Minor

If you’re looking to pursue graduate study or work in an education-related field other than classroom teaching, consider the minor in education studies.

Katie Van Zeeland, Administrative Assistant
Mielke Family Department of Education
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Education student intern teaching children

Teacher Certification Outcomes

Your Lawrence education prepares you to be a teacher-leader in the classroom, school, and community.  

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Lawrence's education program prepares graduates to teach in diverse settings, connect their subject matter with broad human concerns and commit to a lifetime of learning.


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