From language to literature, explore the culture of one of the world’s most widely spoken languages in the Russian program at Lawrence.

Using community connections both at home and abroad, the supportive community of Russian speakers at Lawrence is ready to help you shine. Internships, off-campus study, immersion weekends and more are all essential to the welcoming world of Russian studies. From seminal classics to Slavic science fiction and gender to geopolitics, explore Russian language, literature, culture, and history.

Deep dive into Russian language and culture.

Choose from two major tracks, Russian Studies or Russian Language and Literature.

Learn Russian with native speakers.

Students gather on couches.

Community Connections

Sharing meals and conversations with native Russian speakers in the Appleton area helps build your conversational confidence.

The Chandler Senior Experience

The Russian department’s Senior Experience is the culmination of your work in the major.

Recent Senior Experiences include:

  • Evolving to Save Ourselves: The Evolution of the Noosphere and Our Ability to Implement Change
  • Black Holes and Misunderstandings: A Biographic Analysis of Rachmaninoff's All Night Vigil
  • Opening up a Dark Corner of the Russian Canon: Kazakh Poetry and the Expanding Russophone Literary World
Student wearing regalia at Commencement 2021

Russian Outcomes

Build off professional experiences and interdisciplinary education gained in the Russian program to pursue advanced study, educate others, or explore life in a Russian-speaking area.

On Any Given Day... an array of opportunities that await you at Lawrence University.


Unbagging First-Year Studies

Martyn Smith, director of First-Year Studies, unbags the 10 works being used in First-Year Studies during the 2021-2022 academic year.

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