Studying physics can mean focusing on the unfathomably tiny to the incomprehensibly large— and anything in between.

The flexibility of the field is what often attracts inventive thinkers, and that same breadth creates a variety of advanced study and career opportunities for Lawrentians in physics. The personalized path in the physics program provides a keen focus on the next step after your time at Lawrence.

Physics graduates can be found leading the way in a research laboratory, teaching in schools and universities, or bringing their inquiry and evaluation skills learned in the physics program to another field beyond science. 

Physics Career Paths

Lawrentians go on to pursue careers in research, engineering, physics, education, data analytics, software engineering, geology and geophysics, medical physics, and robotics.

They can also earn advanced degrees in physics, astronomy, engineering (aerospace, civil, mechanical, biomedical, etc.), medical physics, biophysics, optical sciences, and physical chemistry.

Examples of recent employers

  • Argonne National Lab
  • Boeing
  • Epic Systems Corporation
  • MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Space Telescope Institute 

Examples of recent graduate programs

  • Brandeis
  • University of California (Berkeley, Irvine, Riverside)
  • Columbia University
  • MIT
  • University of Wisconsin
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