Step into another world, and see it – and your own – from new points of view.

The field of classics is dedicated to the study of the literature, history, society, art, and thought of ancient Greece and Rome. Inherently interdisciplinary, it is grounded in the critical reading of Greek and Latin texts and examines all aspects of Greco-Roman civilization from multiple perspectives. As you explore the vibrant cultures of the Greeks and Romans, you will engage with different sources of evidence and modes of inquiry, develop a deeper understanding of these ancient peoples, and cultivate a new appreciation for the many ways in which their legacies continue to shape and reflect our experiences in the present day.

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Alumni Perspective

“I chose a totally new path that began with a liberal arts education, which doesn’t carve a straight line to any job but makes excelling at every job possible.”

Rebecca Vande Hei Frostenson ’04, Director, Marketing Community & Communications at Microsoft
Classics, English Literature
Redmond, Washington


Unbagging First-Year Studies

Martyn Smith, director of First-Year Studies, unbags the 10 works being used in First-Year Studies during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Aerial of Vienna, Austria with Stephansdom spire in the distance
Study Off Campus

IES Vienna, Austria

There's something for everyone with IES Vienna, from music to the humanities to social sciences. Music students can take part in the Music Performance Workshop and combine individual music instruction and music courses with German language courses.

Discover Greece, Rome, and the ancient Mediterranean world. 

Learn more about the requirements for the minor in Classical Studies.

Learn more about the Classics faculty.

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Engage with Antiquity

Take advanced courses in the Hiram Jones Latin Library where you'll be surrounded by classical texts, Roman glass, terracotta, and bronze artifacts, and Republican era Roman coins. You’ll also have the opportunity to work with the Ottilia Buerger Coin Collection, one of the finest collections of ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine coins in the United States.

Outside the Panteon in Rome, Italy.

Travel into the Past

Bring your studies to life by exploring the ancient world through one of Lawrence University’s study abroad programs in Italy and Greece. 

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Classics Studies Outcomes

The Classics program challenges you to develop critical skills and abilities for today’s fast-changing world, and helps you to cultivate habits of mind that can lead to success in a variety of career fields.

Placement & Language Requirement

Have you studied Latin before? Do you want to take further courses in Latin literature, or fulfill the foreign language requirement with Latin? Find out more about Latin placement here.

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