There is no one way to understand health-based issues, just as there is no one single career path for biomedical ethics minors.

Biomedical ethics graduates often already have an interest in health or medicine, and the minor serves to strengthen their understanding with a well-rounded, multi-disciplinary view. The minor is designed to pair well with study in Anthropology, Biology and Biochemistry, Economics, Philosophy, and Psychology. Many students major in these fields or go on to advanced study within them.

As health makes up the very core of our various communities, there is a need for this liberal arts understanding across many occupations like global health organizations, nursing, genetic counseling, social work, and more.

Lawrentians can go on to pursue careers in medicine, public health, and other health professions. 

They can also go on to earn advanced degrees in various health professions, public health, biomedical ethics, medical administration, and more.

Examples of recent employers

  • Epic
  • Wisconsin Early Autism Project
  • State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services
  • Statistics Canada
  • College Possible - AmeriCorps

Examples of recent graduate programs

  • Boston University - School of Public Health
  • Columbia University - Environmental Health Science (M.P.H.)
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