The Writing Prize

Each year one student is chosen to receive the First-Year Studies Writing Prize. 

A small committee of First-Year Studies instructors select the winner each year. Winning papers demonstrate outstanding critical analysis and thoughtful articulation of a problem and its solution. 

Previous Writing Prize Winner

2024: Leo Nelson, Universal Empathy: A Foundation for Radical Change. 

2023: Colin Hutton, Structure and Expression in Kind of Blue and the Periodic Table. 

2022: Owen Finch, A Challenge of Jeremy Waldron’s Argument Regarding Dignity and Offense

2020 - Willow Higgins, Louis Ironson in Angels in America: Millennium Approaches. Vancouver, Washington.

Submit your paper for the Writing Prize

You may submit papers for consideration for The Writing Prize to the First-Year Studies Director at the end of each term. 

Papers should not be substantially rewritten from their original submission to your instructor. 

The Teaching Award 

Faculty members from across the university who teach in the First-Year Studies program do more than pass along information. They model for students the challenging process of grappling with difficult or unfamiliar works, cultures, and ideas. In short, they help students learn how to learn. Each year since 1994, one faculty member has been recognized by the university for excellence in the teaching of First-Year Studies.

Previous Teaching Award Winner

  • 2024: Helen Boyd Kramer
  • 2023: Megan Pickett
  • 2022: Erica Scheinberg
  • 2020: Garth Bond