Trust is central to the Lawrence experience. We encourage a trusting and open environment by fostering academic integrity, personal responsibility, and honest behavior in all members of our community. From tests and assignments to social contracts, Lawrentians hold one another accountable for the pledges they make. 

Laurie Carter, Lawrence University’s President, hands out a sticker while greeting students at the President’s Handshake in Memorial Chapel


“I hereby reaffirm the Lawrence University Honor Code.” Or as it's affectionately known, IHRTLUHC. The Honor System, established in 1962, reflects a central value of Lawrence: academic integrity. Unlike honor systems run by administrators or panels of faculty members, Lawrence’s system is overseen by an Honor Council composed entirely of students. 

Students drop off and pick up their bags outside of Andrew Commons

Upholding the Social Code

The Judicial Board is a standing committee of the Lawrence University Community Council and is responsible for adjudicating alleged violations of the Social Code, which governs student conduct.