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The Lawrence Assistance Reaching Youth (LARY) Buddy program matches Lawrence students with Edison Elementary students to support the younger students both in and out of the classroom. Edison students benefit by having additional support academically, socially, and behaviorally. Lawrence students join their buddies in class, go to recess, eat lunch, go to the park, and otherwise enrich the life of their buddy. Lawrence students spend two hours a week with their buddies.

LARY Buddy Recognition

The LARY program owes its success to our great Lawrence volunteers. Here are a few of our outstanding volunteers.

Rachel Welch

"I volunteer as a LARY Buddy because it's a fun and regular way to give back to the community with a fairly low time-commitment.  It may not seem like much, just going to class or recess with your buddy for 2 hours a week, but my own eyes have seen that it means the world to them...Anyone who enjoys working with kids and wants to share their time and energy with a child who needs it would be a great fit for the program.  Being a LARY Buddy has been rewarding for my little buddy and for me."

Adam Tenasaputra

"The experience of working with kids is great, you learn a lot from them, from the material that is needed to construct a light saber to learning how to say good afternoon in Japanese. And often you learn things about them you never expected, experiences you never thought you (as a kid) would go through. Being a LARY Buddy is beneficial for the community, the kids, and you. Because just by your presence, and your experience and knowledge from the time you were a kid, you may help them more than you know."

Lawrence Assistance Reaching Youth

To apply, please complete our online application in Fall. A background check will be sent to you at a later point. Have any questions? Contact us here