Service Corps

The Animal Welfare program connects Lawrentians with a passion for animal care and wellbeing with the Fox Valley Community. By volunteering and collaborating with numerous organizations in Appleton, we provide volunteers with knowledge and opportunities to help further themselves and to become an advocate for animal welfare. A couple of our partners are Saving Paws Animal Rescue Inc and Happily Ever After Animal Shelter.

The Arts Advocacy program forms relationships with the community to develop an understanding of how the arts can benefit the Fox Cities community with the help of Lawrence University. Our goal is to form partnerships that will help enrich the lives of the people around us and support local organizations. This program also aims to be a liaison between Lawrentians and various organizations in the Appleton community devoted to the arts. The hope is to form better connections between the needs of the organizations and the interests of Lawrence students to help create a diverse community that acknowledges the gifts of every individual. Our frequent partners are The Boys & Girls Club of the Fox Valley, Trout Museum of Art, Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, and Appleton Downtown Inc.

The Child Advocacy Service Corps program aims to understand the issues facing children in the Fox Valley and partner with community organizations devoted to children in order to address these root issues. Our LARY Buddy mentoring program is our longest standing program and provides one on one mentoring to youth at a local elementary school. Our community partners are Edison Elementary School, The Building for Kids Children’s Museum, and The Community Early Learning Center.

The focus of Elder Rights and Care is to raise awareness about volunteerism and service to the elderly in the community since elder loneliness is a serious problem in our community. Our mission is to bring entertainment and companionship to better support the elderly in our community, which we accomplish through a program known as Building Intergenerational Relationships (BIR) at Brewster Village and the Thompson Center on Lourdes. If you are interested in bringing a group to Brewster Village, please fill out this form. [For more upcoming volunteering opportunities, please click BIR].

The Environmental and Sustainability Service Corps Program seeks to take the joys of the outdoors and a clean environment and share them with the community. Riverview Gardens, Heckrodt Wetland Reserve, and Bubolz Nature Preserve are great community partners to learn from. Our hope is that volunteers will become more aware of the environment in their every day lives and take action in the community and personally to protect it.

The Equal Access to Education Service Corps program strives to understand the issues affecting access to education at all ages in the Fox Cities. Our mission is to provide opportunities for Lawrentians and the greater Fox Cities to work together in combatting matters that hinder access to education. Currently, we hold partnerships with Volunteers in Tutoring at Lawrence (VITAL), the Fox Valley Literacy Council, and the Appleton Area School District. Our VITAL tutoring program is our longest standing program and provides one on one tutoring to youth throughout the Appleton Area School District.

The Fair Housing & Hunger Service Corps program seeks to understand the issues of homelessness in the Fox Valley, by partnering with 4 organizations (COTS, Habitat for Humanity, Harbor House, Pillars) that intercept different stages of the homeless continuum, serving families, women, men, and children. Our mission is to connect Lawrence University and the Fox Valley community through outreach and volunteerism to ensure stable and affordable housing, emergency assistance, and transitional housing is accessible to all.

The Health and Wellness program aims to get students involved in volunteering in the health care field. We work with various organizations like ThedaCare, Bethesda Thrift Store, and NAMI to promote a better understanding of both physical and mental health.