Reporting Sexual Misconduct

To report sexual misconduct, you can do any or all of the following:

Talk to a Responsible Employee, Counselor, or SHARE Confidential Resource

Responsible Employees must file a report with the Title IX Coordinator.  Counselors or SHARE confidential resources are not required to file a report unless you ask them to.  Reports are kept private and used to improve campus safety.  A report does not start a formal investigation unless it indicates a threat to public safety (pattern, predator, threats, violence, or weapon). 

File a Complaint

A counselor or SHARE confidential resource can help you file a complaint alleging violation of the sexual misconduct policy.  With your agreement, a complaint of sexual harassment or exploitation can be settled by mediation.  A complaint of sexual assault (non-consensual sexual contact or intercourse) will be externally investigated, leading to sanctions against anyone found in violation of the policy (see Complaint Process).

Report a Crime to Law Enforcement

Sexual assault is a crime.  A counselor or SHARE confidential resourece can help you call the police, arrange transportation for a sexual assault nurse exam (at no charge), and call the sexual assault crisis center to have an advocate meet you at the hospital.

A person can be found in violation of university policy based on "a preponderance of the evidence," meaning it is more likely than not that the violation occurred.  A person must be found guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt" to be convicted of a crime, due to the threat of incarceration.

More information can be found in the LU Sexual Misconduct Policy.


A report is filled out by a responsible employee (instructor, coach, residence hall director or RLA, administrator, staff supervisor, or campus safety officer) who learns of sexual misconduct. The report is sent to the Title IX Coordinator to improve campus safety.

Report Form


A complaint is filled out by a person who has experienced sexual misconduct and wants the university to take action (to mediate or investigate with possible sanctions). A SHARE advocate can help the person fill out the complaint.

Complaint Form

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