Consent to Sexual Contact

What is consent? It's as simple as tea.

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Consent is:

  • given by word ("yes") or action (mmm)
  • clear (no mixed signals)
  • knowing (I understand what's happening)
  • freely given (voluntary, no coercion)
  • ongoing (evident throughout)
  • revocable at any time (I changed my mind)

Consent is not:

  • silence, passivity, or inactivity (lack of resistance)
  • assumed from past activity (we did it last week) or relationship (you're my girl/boyfriend)

Consent cannot be given by anyone who is:

  • asleep
  • too incapacitated to act freely and knowingly
  • under age 18 (in Wisconsin)

Consent to outercourse (kissing, touching) is not consent to intercourse (oral, anal, or vaginal).  Ask again ("Do you want to ... ?")!

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