Did you know that...?

  • Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex or gender?  And that sexual harassment or assault count as discrimination?
  • Oral, anal, or vaginal sex are considered sexual intercourse?
  • Consent must be knowing (I understand) and voluntary (I want to)?
  • Consent can be given in words or actions, and taken back at any time?
  • Past sex does not imply consent?  And consent for touching does not imply consent for intercourse?
  • Most sexual assaults involve acquaintances, are perpetrated without violence, and are not reported right away?
  • Victims often submit out of fear, surprise, or uncertainty about what to do?
  • Victims may omit or exaggerate parts of their story out of embarrassment or fear they won't be believed?
  • Anyone--regardless of gender--can be a victim or perpetrator of sexual assault?
  • Alcohol is a factor in most reported sexual assaults?
  • SHARE can help you get the support you need?

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