Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources & Education

The Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources & Education (SHARE) committee advises the university on sexual misconduct policy and procedures and develops education and resources for the campus community. The committee is made up of faculty, staff and students. Meetings are held every two weeks during the term.  If you are interested in joining the SHARE committee please send an email to

Confidential Resources

Confidential resources listed in the sidebar are designated confidential resources who can help you:

  • Listen and support all students
  • Get counseling or medical help
  • Arrange for protection or academic and housing accommodations
  • Share all resources and support available to empower you
  • File a report or formal complaint
  • Contact law enforcement
  • confidential resources are specially trained to help students navigate options and services on campus.

Suspected sexual abuse of anyone under age 18 will be reported to child protective service.

Campus Advocate

Allison Bohlen 920-733-8119 or 920-832-6574

What is a sexual assault advocate?

The Campus Sexual Assault Advocate at Lawrence University is a professional staff member who works for the Sexual Assault Crisis Center. The advocate's role is to provide nonjudgmental, confidential support to student survivors of sexual assault and advocate. The advocate is trained to help students navigate options, explain Lawrence's sexual misconduct policy and services on and off campus available to assist in the healing process.  

SHARE Committee Leaders

The following staff members oversee the activities of SHARE.


Erin Buenzli, Director of Wellness and Recreation, 920-832-7190 (Chair)

Campus Life

Amy Uecke, Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life, 920-832-6595


Christyn Abaray, Director of Athletics, 920-832-6888

Human Resources

Tina Harrig, Director of Human Resources, 920-832-6511